Let’s Shed Some Light on the Situation

Let’s Shed Some Light on the Situation

Discover the benefits of lighting installation in Lubbock, TX

Your business needs to be well lit. Not having the proper lighting is a liability. Upgrade your commercial lighting setup in Lubbock, TX today. T&R Construction can provide interior lighting as well as landscape lighting.

We can handle the following lighting projects for your business:

  • Lighting for gardens, footpaths or other landscape features
  • Pole lighting for parking lots and loading docks
  • Warehouse, office, storefront and other commercial lighting

Schedule a consultation with us today for more information.

Are you satisfied with your residential lighting setup?

Are your lighting fixtures beginning to look a little outdated? Do you want to add new style and flair to your home? T&R Construction can help with a home lighting installation in Lubbock, TX.

Our residential lighting services include:

  • Landscape lighting for your yard, patios, pools and other outdoor features
  • Interior lighting for new cabinetry, remodels, new fixtures or new builds
  • A wide array of style and design options for interior and exterior lighting

Add more curb appeal and comfort to your home by calling us right away.