Stand on Solid Ground

Stand on Solid Ground

Discover professional concrete paving in Lubbock, TX

Is the pavement on your patio crumbling? Is the walkway leading to your office littered with fissures? T&R Construction can resolve these issues with concrete repair or other concrete services in Lubbock, TX.

We can also install new concrete features for our residential or commercial clients. So, if you need a patio, walkway or sidewalk, T&R Construction is the general contractor for you. Call us today to learn more about concrete repair or concrete paving services.

Here’s why you should choose T&R Construction

If you need concrete services and installation, call T&R Construction. Our process involves:

  • Preparing the site for concrete paving before we pour
  • Pouring the concrete with measured precision
  • Properly forming the concrete
  • Sloping for runoff water
  • Screening the concrete to compact and consolidate it

Schedule a consultation with us to get your concrete installation started right away.